The Trauma C.U.R.E.

How to gain control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions without drugs and hours of therapy so you can live the life of your dreams..

3 Day LIVE Virtual Event

Interactive Educational & Coaching Experience

For Leaders, Healers and Helpers who need Fast, Fun & EFFECTIVE Trauma Tools

During This 3 Day Live Virtual Event, You'll Discover:

  • How to heal from trauma WITHOUT a focus on re-visiting memories, hours of therapy and thousands in co-pays

  • Why a ‘Skills Over Pills’ approach can achieve the more permanent results that a traditional therapy approach

  • The 6 Primitive Brain Systems predictably programmed by psychological trauma that shape our internal "mental" environment

  • Why Empathy Skills Practice is The C.U.R.E. For Lasting Trauma Recovery by activating your own most evolved brain to accomplish self-healing


When you sign up, you’ll also get this complimentary bonus:

Trauma Recovery Academy Membership

includes Monthly Group Coaching

Receive access to 5 signature courses that break down what you need to know for self-healing from trauma, available 24/7 for self-paced learning including:

  • Primitive Brain Systems Mini Crash Course

  • Master Your Trauma

  • Master Your Amygdala

  • Empathy Skills Practice for Traumatized Humans

  • AND monthly 90 min virtual Empathy Skills Practice group coaching sessions

Become a student of your own psychological anatomy and learn the biological basis of mental health challenges. This coursework is designed to equip you with the cognitive tools you need to provide more effective and empathetic care to your Self and Others.



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October 14-16, 2021


What is the Trauma C.U.R.E.?

It's "Creators Using Radical Empathy"!!!

The Trauma C.U.R.E. is a 3 day virtual live educational event where you’ll learn how to Retrain Your Brain with Dr. Alauna’s Empathy Skills Practice™ techniques.

The Trauma C.U.R.E Event Calendar

Ready to upgrade your mental health and learn the skills to heal others?!

Join in this immersive educational training from America’s First and Only Trauma Psychiatrist, Dr. Alauna, as she reveals how to activate the most evolved part of our brain (the Prefrontal Cortex) with Empathy, in order to heal from psychological trauma.

Thursday through Saturday, July 6-8, 2023, 10-3 pm CST

July 6 : Day 1 - Awaken to Your Creator Identity

- Understanding the historical, generational, cultural and individual impact of trauma and myth-information about mental health

- Mindfulness, Meditation exercises targeting trauma healing through stillness and breath

- Emotional Intelligence: Exercises designed to improve Awareness and Regulation

July 7 : Day 2 - Informed about your Biology

- Deep dive into the 6 Primitive Brain Systems crucial to understanding "Mental Health" :

Reticular Activating System: Your Awareness Filter

Amygdala: Your Emotion Generator

Brain Reward System: Your Addiction "Gremlin"

Somatosensory Cortex: Your Invisible Wounds

Mirror Neurons: Your Distorted Reflection

Biochemical Matrix: Your Biological Magnifiers

- Interactive Skills Over Pills exercises, designed to impart IMMEDIATE behavioral results!

- Exploring the Magic of MOVEment for Mental Health

***Exclusive VIP Session 4:00 - 5:30 pm CST

July 8 : Day 3 - Motivated to Practice Empathy Skills

- Intentional Activation of the Prefrontal Cortex (evolved brain) with Empathy Skills Practice

- Interactive Skills sessions, participants leave having used ESP tools tested and ready

- Using Empathy for day-to-day decision making through manifestation practices


You will want to be in the house (and ideally on camera) for the interactive sessions to get the most out of the experience! The detailed conference schedule will be released via email closer to the event.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is an internally negative experience that changes the way you think or feel about your Self, Others and the World. Trauma is not just the event or situation; it's your body's programmed response to it. The greatest impact of trauma is what it does to your beliefs, because they are operative!

If you live on Planet Earth in 2023, you can be assured that you have had trauma, are having trauma, and will have more traumas ahead. The good news is that you can learn to turn those traumas into triumph! Come learn the C.U.R.E. and discover the most updated brain-body-behavior methods for trauma healing.

Although there are many traumas, there is only one C.U.R.E. you need to use: Empathy!

Dr. Alauna, Trauma Psychiatrist

This 3 Day Live Virtual Event Will Include:

  • Live Teaching from Dr. A
  • Real-time Q&A
  • On-the-Spot Coaching
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Leave with a roadmap to trauma healing
  • Skill Building Exercises
  • The best of an in-person event without having to leave your house

"Trauma hurts. Empathy heals." - Dr. Alauna


What Is Trauma?

Trauma is the result of a negative event. It occurs when you feel emotionally or mentally hurt by someone or something.

If you feel shocked, saddened, anxious, or otherwise overwhelmed by an occurrence, you're probably experiencing trauma. The trauma isn't the event or experience itself but rather your body and mind's response to it.

Discover the most updated brain-body-behavior methods for trauma healing.

While all Traumas are different,

the systematic approach to healing is the same!!!


Dr. Alauna, Trauma Psychiatrist

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The Launch Academy Live Ticket + Six Figure Bonus Bundle Expires at Midnight, Friday, Feb. 26

Get $3,988 worth of bonuses for just $97 including 
  • The Six Figure Masterclass Series Opt-in Page ($497)
  • The Six Figure Masterclass Video Plays pages complete with social plugin for commenting ($997)
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"“Dr. Alauna helped me understand the complex process of the brain and our emotions, in a language that could be plainly understood. Her expertise and teaching is a gem that the world needs...what I wish I had in my childhood and child-rearing years.”- Sonya (TTC 2021 Participant)

"She shows us healing is not only possible but can be fun!"

-Monique (TTC 2022 Participant)

"One thing for sure is you will eventually need to learn what Dr. Alauna is teaching about our brain, body and human behavior. It is life changing and transformative. It's explains why we are like this."

-Ingrid (TTC Participant 2022)

Dr. Alauna is a phenomenal teacher! She breaks down complex topics and concepts into digestible pieces. She offers practical tools and equips you to implement meaningful actions immediately. I walked away feeling fortified. These tools will help me be a better woman, wife, mother, sister, friend, coach, trainer and every other role I play!

-Demetria (TTC 2022 Participant)

“Dr. Alauna is the TRUTH! She explains how our brain plays a large part in our reactions to things, so we can know how to use this knowledge to ensure that we are better able to communicate our feelings in a manner that will better help create effective and positive outcomes.”

- Danny (TTC 2020 Participant)

“Dr. Alauna is SO real. She breaks down complex information and makes it easily understandable and accessible. THEN she teaches skills to improve your life, your mental health, your relationships, and HEAL your spirit.” - Priscilla (TTC 2021 Participant)

"It's been an awakening. Now that I understand the systems and now the tools I have a solution for my mental health."

-Donna (TRA Member)

"The explanation of the DEAR MAN skill helped me personally and challenged me to do better immediately."

-Antonio (TTC 2022 Participant)

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